Great Expectations (Hardbound Deluxe Edition)

Great Expectations (Hardbound Deluxe Edition)

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ISBN Number : 9789388369176
Type : Hard cover
Page Count : 600 pages
Language : English
Published Date : 1st October, 2018
This exquisitely designed leather-bound edition of one of Dickens’ greatest works comes with a gold-foiled cover, a ribbon bookmark, gilded edges and beautiful endpapers. Ideal to be read and treasured, it makes for a perfect addition to any library. Taken to the Satis House by his Uncle Pumblechook one day, Pip, a young orphan, meets a wealthy, eccentric spinster, Miss Havisham and her beautiful, cold-hearted ward, Estella. Pip instantly falls in love with her. But in the days to come, he is constantly reminded that Estella is heartless. “You must know,” said Estella, condescending to me as a brilliant and beautiful woman might, “that I have no heart . . .” Apprenticed as a blacksmith with his brother-in-law, Pip yearns to become a wealthy gentleman in order to be worthy of her. And when he learns of the expectations from a secret benefactor for him to be trained in the gentlemanly arts, he goes to London. As a series of events follow, including Estella’s marriage to the brutal nobleman, Bentley Drummle, will Pip and Estella ever unite?

1600  1120 

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