Inheritance: Book Four (The Inheritance Cycle)

Inheritance: Book Four (The Inheritance Cycle)

Publisher : RHUK
ISBN Number : 9780552560252
Type : Paper back
Page Count : 880 pages
Language : English
Published Date : 25th October, 2012
Inheritance: Book Four (The Inheritance cycle) is the fourth installment of the famous Inheritance Cycle series, written by Christopher Paolini. Initially intended to be a trilogy, this series later extended with its fourth book. This fantasy book is about a dragon rider and his dragon. Eragon, along with Saphira, has won massive victories and excruciating losses. But it will all fade in comparison to the struggle they are about to face. Eragon was a poor farm boy some time ago. But now he is a Shadeslayer and Dragon Rider. His dragon, Saphira, was insignificant too. But now they are set to fight some of the massive wars. In the act of saving Alagaesia, Eragon and Saphira must face the unstable and evil Galbatorix. With no one else to save the land, these two have to be very strong in order to fight or else there will be no more chances. Before confronting Galbatorix, there are many things that have to be completed, like liberating the cities, leaders of enemy states have to be handled, prophecies to be fulfilled, and secrets to be revealed. The novel is full of minute details, branch stories, and adventures. This epic fantasy series contains intense dramatic scenes and interesting plot twists. Inheritance: Book Four (The Inheritance cycle) was published by RHUK in the year 2012. It is available in paperback.

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