Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Publisher : Bloomsbury India
ISBN Number : 9789382563792
Type : Paper back
Page Count : 368 pages
Language : English
Published Date : 1st January, 1995
In the book the author, Daniel Goleman, argues that Emotional Intelligence of people was more important than their IQ in order for them to have productive lives. People who were well adjusted emotionally were more likely to have better leadership skills, mental health and job performance. According to Goleman superior EI (Emotional Intelligence) was twice as necessary as skills and IQ required for completing a job. The skill could be taught in schools to enable the students to turn into stable employees and leaders in the future. The author also listed the methods EI could be integrated into the school curriculum. This theory of Goleman's has come under severe criticism as it has been contended that Emotional Intelligence is not really an Intelligence, but just a set of behavioral traits.

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